Vertical Chemical Centrifugal Pump


Vertical centrifugal chemical pump, of single or multi-stage construction, for use in the chemical industry

Compact double volute casing to balance out radial loads. Closed impeller. Low flow velocity, giving minimal corrosion damage.

Shaft column separate from discharge pipe. The two form a compact, space-saving unit. This gives optimum stability at submersion depths up to 16 m. Shaft is supported by anti-friction bearings (5.1) located above the mounting flange, and corrosion resistant sleeve bearings (5.2) which come into contact with the medium and which are lubricated either by the pumped medium or by an external source of liquid. At submersion depths above 2100 mm there are one or more intermediate bearings. Shaft seal in various designs such as stuffing box (normal / gastight / cooled / heated) or mechanical seal (single / double / gas-barrier seal).



For pumping chemically aggressive liquids, contaminated fluids, melts and liquefied gases. Examples of use: H2 SO4 at all concentrations, liquid sulphur, PTA, tars, molten salts, etc