Standardized Chemical Pump in Ceramic


The standardized chemical pump type FNC is a single stage horizontal centrifugal process pump. Design, dimensions and performance is in accordance with DIN 24256, ISO 2858; larger sizes up to 250 / 400. Flange pitch circle diameter according to our dimension sheet. The design of this range of pumps has been based on the requirements of the chemical industry. The wear resistance and general chemical resistance of the materials used are of great advantage for the applications in corrosive and abrasive media.



Design A for clean liquids and liquids containing solids. The interchangeable gland is supplied with 2 connections for inlet and outlet of sealing liquid. Any leakage is collected in a driptray located below the gland in the pedestal. A different shaft sealing arrangement may be fitted at any time. Design C 1 for clean or extremely abrasive liquids, privided SiC (silicon carbide) is used. Seal ring combinations: carbon / carbon, carbon / alumina ceramic, SiC / SiC Rotating counter ring, axially movable stationary seat ring, are product lubricated. Springs and thrust ring are not in contact with the pumped liquid. Abrasive solids are prevented from reaching the seal faces by centrifugal force. This sealing system can be extended to a double or tandem arrangement.

Design CA for clean and slightly contaminated liquids. Seal ring combination: ceramic / carbon, ceramic / glass or carbon filled PTFE. External single acting mechanical seal with PTFE bellows and corrosion resistant compression spring. Stationary seal face is fixed to casing cover. Rotating unit fixed to shaft sleeve. Various manufacturers' seal types may be fitted.

Design C 2 for all liquids. Sealing liquid to be compatible with the pumped liquid. Seal ring combination: ceramic / carbon, ceramic / glass or carbon filled PTFE. Stationary ceramic ring fitted to casing cover and seal housing. Rotating unit on shaft sleeve. Adjustment of seal during pump assembly. Various type of seal may be fitted