Roto-Jet Pitot Tube Pump


Low NSPH "Shockless Engry" first stage impeller. Double suction first stage available. Over 700 vertical Ruhrpumpen pump hydraulics can be used for construction. Integral fabricated column support bearings. Collet or ring and key impeller mounting. Rigid 4-piece coupling. Single or Double Suction first stage. Single Stage or Multistage available. Nozzles are available with the suction in the head or barrel.


The Roto-Jet is totally, hydraulically stable and can operate with a minimal continuous bypass flow at shutoff indefinitely and at any flow point throughout the total head curve range with no wearing or damaging effect to the pump. The reason for this unique benefit is that all radial forces tend to be balanced within the rotor, and axial thrust is solely a function of suction pressure. Radial and axial forces applied to the Roto-Jet are independent of flow rate. Thus, the pump can operate at design point to shut-off free of shaft deflection or added thrust load applied to the bearings.