Reciprocating Pump


The unique design of the mechanism allows the pump operation at very low speed without forced lubrication or cooling requirement, which makes "3C" pumps suitable for applications where a slow plunger motion is required e.g. to suck and pump viscous liquids, hot products or liquids having a low vapour pressure.


The three cylinders pump head is horizontally arranged, the plungers are single acting, valves and seats can be selected between different executions depending from the handled medium; the low speed of the pumps, gives some interesting advantages such as: reduced wear of the moving parts in general and specifically reduced wear of the plungers, valves and packing. Plungers and packing maintenance is much simplified, in fact, the replacement of such components can be done from the front of the pump head without disconnecting the pump from the piping (except 3C30 models).


Oil and Gas: glycol and methanol well head injection, underground water reinjection into the well condensate crude oil recovery