Multistage High Pressure Pump


The G range of multi stage centrifugal pumps are engineered for hassle free pumping for clear or moderately contaminated liquids without solids in suspension and are ideal for water works, steel industry, water supply plants, water supply systems, pressure elevating systems, boiler fees water systems. fire fighting systems, reverse osmosis and superior pressure washing. with regards to construction, these centrifugal pumps are equipped with radial split casings and the supportive feet on pressure side is located under the discharge body in all models.

For sizes of a maximum 65, the base feet on the side of the suction are located under the fire stage housing to permit the pivoting of the suction casing any direction. For larger sizes, the base feet are set under the suction body, where the rotation is only allowed upon request. The impellers of these pumps arrive complete with balancing holes to lower axial thrust, and the shaft is backed by oil lubricated or grease roller bearings.


The GH design is the newest in the industry, we have used an entirely new approach to hydraulics and mechanics for high pressure pumps. The range of GH pumps includes 4 sizes (2, 3, 4 and 6 inch) with 8 different hydraulic systems to insure that every client demand can be met. The pumps are multistage, horizontal pumps radially split with impellers assembled between external bearings.

The main features are: