Mobile Pump


This pump handle large flows up to 400 l/s (6000 GPM), heads to 100 m (325 ft.), and solids up to 36 mm (1.4 in.) in diameter. Available with power ratings from 3.1 to 215 kW, 50 hz (5 to 335 hp, 60 hz), these abrasive-resistant pumps are engineered for slurry transport applications in mine and quarry operations, mineral processing, power plants, paper mills, and wastewater treatment plants.


Slurry pumping is one of the most demanding applications for any pump, and our 5000-series pumps offer efficient solutions to lower your operating costs for slurry handling.

With our slurry pump, you have an effective solution to the rising costs of slurry handling: robust, hardworking pumps that lower operating and maintenance costs and offer excellent value in terms of initial investment.

Designed for excellent performance, low energy consumption, long life and easy maintenance, this pump feature a sweptback impeller design to achieve a homogenous flow, Hard-Iron wear parts, slurry seal system, and internal cooling option.


Construction and tunneling
Drilling mud transfer and removal

Mining and quarrying
Slurry removal, cleaning main drainage basin of settled solids, low capacity dredging, slurry tailings removal

Mineral processing slurry removal, drilling mud transfer and removal, mill scale transport, cooling water with abrasive particles, removal of sediments from tailings dam, cooling oil supply in machining process, bottom ash removal, abrasive runoff from storage, cleaning and conveyor areas, drainage of pulp and paper tanks and overflow sumps

Removal of sediment solids from grit chamber/sand trap