ISO 2858-5199 Chemical Pump


The CN series is a single stage centrifugal pump, that is integrated with a hydraulically balanced overhung impeller. The body of the unit is house in a volute enclosure. The unit has an axial suction, and radial discharge characteristics. The bearings of the unit lubricated via an oil bath. Its base plate is bolted down to the feet of the housing with the use of a spacer coupling, thus simplifies the disassembling process of the turning components without affecting the alignment and as well as without detaching the pipes and the motor.
The CN series is equipped with UNI 2223-2229 NP 16 pipe flanges. There is an option to equip the series with a semi-open impeller that is ideal for use in abrasive and high viscosity fluids.


IMPELLER: the impeller is of the open type with radial blades.
The impeller is provided with back vanes to balance the axial thrust and the pressure in the stuffing box area.
Thanks to the shape of the impeller and to its recessed position in the casing, MCA pumps are suitable for pumping viscous and pasty liquids containing suspended solids.


Sewage treatment plants, paper industry, food and sugar industry and generally to convey all liquids with suspended solids.